/ematical Olympiads, yet the m▓ath classes in schools rarely cover advanced concepts because they are considered too dif

ut many tutors merely focus on teaching pupils how to perform well in exams, rather than aiding the wider educational development of the child, a▓ccording to a statement issued by the ministry and three other central government ▓departments at the end of Februar

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y."They have brought add▓itional heavy homework for students and have increased financial burdens on ▓families," the statement said.Reducing the workload on children was

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also a catchword at this year'▓s two sessions, with many deputies and members ca▓lling for less homework for young studen▓ts.Wang Guoqing, spokesman for the first session of the 13th National Committee

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of the Chinese People's▓ Political Consultative Conference, told a news briefing that school students in China spent an avera▓ge of 2.82 hours doing their homework each day, abou▓t three times the global average."The government wi▓ll spare no effort to resolve the heav▓y workloads of primary and secondary school stu▓dents," Premier Li Keqiang said on Marc

h 5, when he deliv▓ered the Government Work Report at the first session of the 13th National People's Congre▓ss.In line with the education authorities' guidelines, two district education bureaus in Hangzhou, ▓Zhejiang province, issued new guidelines for schools that prioritized children'▓s sleeping hours over academic work.According to the guidel

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ines, primary school pupils in the two districts do not have to complete homework assignments if they have not finished by 9 pm▓, while the cutoff point is 10 pm for those in middle school.One area

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